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Survey by debt charity finds many families going without food, furniture and new clothes as they struggle with huge debts

Homeless immigrants are being told they can secure housing for their children but not themselves, effectively forcing them to break up their family or sleep rough with their children.

The new mayor of Barnet was elected at a full council meeting at Hendon Town Hall last night.

Councillor Brian Salinger received a round of applause upon announcing his nominated charity for his mayoral year was Homeless Action for Barnet, in Woodhouse Road, Finchley.

As part of our open day last saturday we hosted an art and photographic exhibition.

The local paper covered the exhibition. To read the article click HERE

Open Day 2017


Despite the rain all those who attended our Open Day enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to everyone who came along and to the staff and volunteers who helped to make the day a great success.

Low earners have turned to credit cards, overdrafts or family and friends to keep the roof over their head in the past year