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The people you are about to meet are invisible. They are people who are homeless, even though they are working.

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Some Enchanted Evening

A night of music from opera and the musicals in aid of HAB

Doing some HAB promotion today in Barnet...and surprised at how many people did not know we existed ... ! Great networking and all lovely people ..and £55.00 in our wee donation box. We will also get a share of the takings for the day Thanks Very Much everyone at the St Johns the Baptist Church

The body of a 30-year-old homeless man was found at the back of a dark loading bay beside the Birmingham New Street railway station car park on Tuesday night, the coldest of winter so far. There are no flowers at the place he died, but the flattened, damp cardboard boxes where he slept are still there, along with a couple of woollen hats and a pair of green socks.