Homeless Action in Barnet (HAB) is a Registered Charity (1155559) and a Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England (8833405).

When HAB was established it was first registered as an Industrial and Provident Society, Registration number 28076R but converted to a Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered Charity in January 2014.

The HAB Centre developed from the work of Ballards Lane Methodist Church, Finchley Reform Synagogue and the forum Barnet Action on Single Homelessness.

The HAB Centre opened in 1997

Our Vision, Mission, Aims and Values


Our vision is a Society where all people have a safe space to call home and are valued equally whatever their personal circumstances.


Our mission is to work with vulnerable people so that they gain access to housing, health and other services  in order to achieve dignity; to make their own effective choices; and to express themselves as fully independent members of society. HAB should be a ‘Place of Change’ – enabling and facilitating practical change for  individuals and promoting the needs of Homeless people within our society.


  • To work with those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to enable them to take control of their lives, obtain a suitable home and to maintain their tenancy.
  • Through our interactions we aim to promote independence and to empower individuals.
  • To ensure early intervention to enable clients to access the help they need
  • To work in partnership with other Organisations and the people of Barnet
  • To make a pivotal contribution to Barnet’s homelessness and rough sleeping strategies
  • To speak with a distinctive voice on issues of homelessness
  • To be financially viable

Our Values

  • Clients are treated with respect and empowered to achieve independence and their full potential
  • We will maintain a flexible and open minded approach to the needs of our clients and to the challenges of Homelessness
  • We will offer a holistic and dependable service of a high standard and providing high quality levels of support.
  • We will offer an environment that is safe, welcoming and non-judgemental. Paid staff and volunteers will be welcoming, reliable, supportive and professional.
  • We are committed to providing a service that reflects and meets the diverse needs of our clients, staff and other stakeholders.