For Guidance ….We especially need the following Items :



Gravy Granules …all types.

All Pasta Sauces and Cooking Sauces

Tinned Fruit Cocktail

Tinned Potatoes / Tinned Vegetables

Jams / Spreads

Ketchup / Mayo / Pickles... like Branston

Ready Made Custard / Rice Pudding

Olive Oil

Cuppa Soups and Pot Noodles

Tins Corned Beef

We also depend heavily on donations of …… “ The Bare Necessities  ” …. !!!!!!!

Shampoo / Shower Gel.

Shaving Foam / Razors / Hand and Face Cream / After Shave Balm

Mens’  Socks

New Men’s Underwear / Boxer Shorts …all sizes.

Washing Up Liquid

Toilet Rolls  

Again …Many thanks for your help…

To download a copy of this list click HERE