Homeless Action in Barnet is part of Outreach Barnet

What is the service?

The scheme offers support to vulnerable people who need housing related support You can either be taking on a new tenancy or finding it difficult to manage an existing tenancy.

Who can ask for support?

Anyone who is or about to become a tenant within the London Borough of Barnet (Council, Housing Association or Private Landlord).

How we can help

If a client is  offered a place on the scheme a tenancy support worker will work with them to decide on the kind of support they need. Among other things they can help with:

  • Applying for benefits

  • Advice on managing money better

  • Getting other services the client may be entitled to

  • Accessing alcohol services such as detox and rehab

  • Advice on everyday issues that can cause tenancy problems

  • Help with grants for furniture and other household goods

  • Help with gas, electricity and telephone connections

What we do

The Tenancy Support Worker will support a client for up to four months to help them get the skills and confidence they need to live independently and manage their tenancy well.

Meeting Everyone's needs

Outreach Barnet works with clients to provide the best possible support package.

We will always try to offer a service that meets their personal, religious and cultural needs

How do I get more information?

Visit the Day Centre on Woodhouse Road and speak to one of the staff about your support needs.

Phone the duty line on 020 3115 1185

For more information visit the OUTREACH BARNET website HERE