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How many people sleep rough each night?

How many people sleep rough each night?

According to the latest figures, collected in the autumn of 2018 and published in January 2018, 4,677 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night.

Is rough sleeping on the rise?

There was a decrease of 2% from 2017 to 2018, however, since 2010 rough sleeping estimates show an increase of 165%.

Which areas saw the biggest increases?

In 2018, the West Midlands saw the biggest percentage increase in rough sleeping since last year (42%). This is followed by the North East of England (29%) and Yorkshire and the Humber (19%).

However, these figures are only based on those who have been verified on a particular night. The real figure is almost certainly much higher.
You can read the full report and analysis of the figures from Homeless Link below.

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