Homeless Action in Barnet(HAB)

For over 20 years HAB has been providing help for people who are homeless in Barnet.

HAB is rooted within the Community. Our origins came from the efforts of  the Ballards Lane Methodist Church and the Finchley Reform Synagogue to feed homeless people and from a wide ranging campaign in the mid 1990s to establish a Centre to support the homeless and vulnerably housed within Barnet.

HAB has developed significantly since those early days and the HAB staff team – supported by around 40 volunteers – supports several hundred clients each year. With some financial support from a small number of contracts (e.g. from Barnet Homes) and vitally through donations from a wide range of individuals, schools, churches, charities, religious groups and commercial organisations – HAB continues to be a ‘Place of Change’. It exists today because of the kindness and support of so many.

The core aim of HAB Centre is to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and help them plan for and realise a better future.

​We do this by providing advice to help people find accommodation and to access sources of help and support. This could be helping people to gain benefits that they are entitled to; or it could be helping people access education or training – or help them to secure employment. Of course it also means providing the basic essentials – healthy meals, warm clothing, showers and access to medical services. In addition we work to support people in tackling their issues with health and addiction, and we offer creative activities through a ‘Well-Being’ programme to boost confidence, self-esteem and practical skills such as basic cooking and budget management.

The HAB Centre is an independent, Registered Charity (A Charitable Incorporated Organisation(CIO) no. 1155559) with no religious or political affiliations.

Message from our CEO

Everyone needs a safe place to call home, positive relationships in their life and a purpose in life.

Homeless people are no different, and this is what the HAB Centre aims to help them to achieve.

We are facing very challenging times with homelessness and rough sleeping on the increase again and still more spending and welfare cuts to come. However, the HAB Centre offers hope and support to hundreds of individuals in desperate need. We are helping people to break the cycle of homelessness and I express my thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteer team for making HAB a ‘Place of Change’. I value also the partnerships and support we have with other organisations in the statutory, voluntary, faith based and business sectors and HAB shall be looking to build more and stronger links to support our work. We know that given the right support and opportunities homeless people can resolve their problems.

Joe Lee