This year Together in Barnet and Homeless Action in Barnet are running a joint Winter Appeal.
By donating to our appeal you will be helping us to support our neighbours in need – the homeless and vulnerably housed of our community.

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Through the Covid pandemic we have been able to support over 175 people, getting them into temporary accommodation and providing them with food, supplies and practical advice.

As we continue to help dozens of people moving into different types of accommodation, over one of the most difficult times of year, we are looking for your help.

How your donations can help

Although we are able to get a roof over their heads, what can be lacking are the basic comforts that help turn it into a "home"; or the simple necessities of daily life we may take for granted, such as being able to pay for travel, to call a loved one or get in touch with much needed services.

Help with a donation today

We've outlined some of the ways in which your kind donations could be used, but whatever amount you can donate, big or small, will be greatly appreciated. 

£10 could top up a travel card£15 could fill a box with basic, easy to prepare food£20 can help ensure someone has warm clothing£25 could top up a mobile phone to keep someone connected to the support they need£30 could help supply bedding for someone moving into temporary accommodation£35 could give them a toaster, kettle and iron set £50 could allow us to provide a microwave to help them prepare more food for themselves

So, if you feel able, please donate to the Homeless Action in Barnet and Together in Barnet joint winter appeal to help the homeless and vulnerably housed of our community. If you can't at the moment you can still help by spreading the word on facebook 

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