Tell StreetLink

Firstly, please use StreetLink to tell services where you’ve seen someone sleeping rough. StreetLink is a national service. You can call them on 0300 500 0914

You can also use the StreetLink app or website. They can alert Local Authorities and homelessness organisations to people sleeping rough. StreetLink connects people experiencing homelessness with the local support available to them. The local teams - known as outreach teams - will then visit the site you reported. Please note this visit isn't immediate so it's good if the rough sleeper can note a place they tend to stay for a while.

More details can be found at the StreetLink website

Suggest they visit us

If you see a rough sleeper in Barnet, please do suggest that the person you've seen comes in to see us during the day.

See our opening times 

We will get them some warm food and a shower, but we are most proud of our role as a place of change. Our support teams will work with people who have a local connection to help them with their goals around housing, work and achieving stability. 

Many people feel unsure what to do when they see a rough sleeper. This is normal. But people experiencing homelessness can describe feeling invisible - if you stop to acknowledge someone on the street, to say hello and see what they might need, it can make a big difference to that individual.