We can advise people on their options, and they should visit the centre during opening times to talk to one of our experienced support workers. Please note we are a day centre, and don't provide accommodation. 

You can also contact Streetlink. This is the national rough sleepers service. They will send someone out to visit the person you have seen at their sleep site. Please contact StreetLink by visiting the StreetLink website or downloading the StreetLink app from iTunes or the Google Play store.

StreetLink’s volunteers and staff will help as soon as they can.

If you’re able to, please seek other help in the meantime on behalf of the person you know. Your first priority should be your Local Authority's Housing Options team. Barnet Homes now run an appointment-only service. People can however can ‘drop in’ to Barnet House if they are homeless on the day. People at risk of becoming homeless must contact the Housing Options team as soon as possible on 0208 359 4797.