At the day centre we provide our clients with the day-to-day essentials, so they have our support even when our doors aren't open.

Supplies update - 14/03/23. We are currently running VERY low on: Womens’ - Sanitary towels, Underwear, Bras, Jumpers, Jeans; Mens’ - Joggers, Hoodies, Gloves, Underwear; Toiletries - Deodorant, Razors & shaving cream, Shampoo & conditioner, Body spray; And Cooking utensils - Fish slices, Serving spoons, Frying pans. Thank you!To keep our stocks replenished we occasionally ask our wonderful supporters to donate, if they can. We currently need the items outlined on this page.

We continue to provide our clients with food parcels, and so are always in need of non-perishable food such as:

  • Tins of meat and fish,
  • Pouches of rice and pot noodles
  • Tea, coffee and sugar.

To find out more be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram where we post our supplies update (pictured), so you know what we need, when we need them!

We also have an Amazon wish list showing you the items we always tend to need. It's also a good place to go, if you're unsure of the types of things we're asking for.

See our wish list