• New socks and underwear
  • Toiletries that are sealed
  • Full, sealed packets of dry, non-perishable food within their sell by date. 
  • Cleaning products 
  • Furniture and soft furnishings can only be accepted if they are new, and if they meet fire safety standards. 

We have to ensure the safety of the people that are the recipients of these donations, please always feel free to call or drop in to the centre to chat to the team who can help you work out if your item is useful for our work. The centre manager can advise on what we are allowed to accept. 

If you wish to donate sanitary items, please donate these through the Red Box Project.

If you have an item that isn't something we can take at the moment, for example due to storage issues, here is a list of other projects working to support homeless and vulnerably housed people.

  • Homeless link - homeless.org.uk/search-homelessness-services (enter your postcode and check the nearest services in your area)
  • The Barnet Furniture Project (who kindly work with us to help get people back into work) https://www.barnetfurniturecentre.org/?page_id=203
  • Furniture Re-Use Network - 0845 602 8003 (they link you to a nearby service in need)
  • Furnish  - 0208 996 8920
  • Restore Community Project - 0208 493 0900 (only in North London)
  • Emmaus  www.emmaus.org.uk/shop/donate_goods (able to collect)
  • Homestore - 0208 519 6264 (only in Stratford, London)
  • William Wilberforce Trust - 0207 052 0425
  • British Heart Foundation - 0808 250 0030 (able to collect)
  • Kingston Community Furniture - 020 8942 5500 (able to collect)
  • Reclaim at the Lane - 020 8522 2330 (able to collect)