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The gold crown of Edward IV is lost! Follow the clues around historic Chipping Barnet and see if you can help find it.

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Follow the trail, solve the clues.

The approximately 1.5 hour trail will take you around Chipping Barnet, but you’ll need to keep your eyes open and your wits about you. The answers may be over your head or under your feet!

Fun for all the family

The Treasure Hunt is suitable for all ages and abilities - perfect for a family afternoon out - and just as engaging for a team of grown ups. Be you 'out of towners' or a confirmed locals you will see Chipping Barnet –an area steeped in history– in a whole new light!


Our carefully compiled set of 26 clues cost just £10, offering you and your fellow treasure hunters an entertaining afternoon exploring Chipping Barnet


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