Thank you for your interest in being a Trustee!

On this page you will see four useful documents:

‘Being a Trustee’ – this gives a simple summary of what a Trustee does

The Charity Commission booklet ‘The Essential Trustee’. This goes into a little more detail

The ‘Eligibility Form’. This document only needs to be signed when you are confirmed as a Trustee.

The Trustee Application Form

If you explore our website you will find more information about HAB and we hope that you will get an understanding of our work.

Still interested?

Contact the Chair, John Bier for an informal discussion

[email protected] or mobile 07793060171

HAB’s Mission and Vision

Our mission is to work with vulnerable people so that they gain access to housing, health and other services in order to achieve dignity; make their own effective choices; express themselves as fully independent members of society. HAB should be a place of change, enabling and facilitating practical change for individuals and promoting the needs of homeless people within society.

Our Vision: A society where all people have a safe place to call home and are valued equally whatever their personal circumstance.

John Bier

Chair of HAB Board of Trustees

Being a Trustee

The Essential Trustee

Trustee Eligibility Form

Trustee Application Form