Projects Coordinator, Sonya Levin, gives us an update on our Golders Green project.

"We currently have 32 clients in residence at various stages of moving into their own independent accommodation. From us they may move into: 

  • The private rented sector 
  • Supported accommodation 
  • Sheltered accommodation  

“Some new clients have just arrived over the last few weeks. We also have some old timers currently being supported to view properties and search for their new home. The mix of clients can work well, as the old ones show the new ones the ropes. 

“The Golders Green project is based in the heart of the Jewish community. We are currently the most patrolled area in the country according to the local police Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who keep our clients and the wider community safe.

“Due to the war and given the Jewish neighbourhood, we have felt some tension over the past few weeks that can be unsettling for our clients, but on the whole, the community is well integrated into the community. Our clients also feel safe due to our 24/7 security team that patrol the project inside and out all year round, regardless.

“Art classes are due to begin January 2024. We have a creative client in the project who is encouraging the use of the art room to be re-established either at HAB or Golders Green. Watch this space…”

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