The people who visit the Centre are often some of the most vulnerable in our community. This is what HAB has meant to one of them.

"You don’t know if the foxes will come"

“I was in a bad situation because of unforeseen circumstances and had to leave the place where I had been staying temporarily. I contacted Barnet council and explained everything but they referred me back to the council where I’d originally lived. They said they couldn’t help either.

“So I was out on the street.

“I was at a low point and very anxious. I thought there was no hope.

“Then I went online and searched: what to do if you are homeless in Barnet. That’s how I found out about HAB.

“I called them up and a woman told me to come in and get some food. There I met a support worker, Kate, and she gave me a sleeping bag. I found a sheltered area near where I’d been staying. 

“Sleeping out is very frightening. You don’t know whether the foxes will come or what kind of person might come across you and your stuff.

“Kate also referred me to a couple of organisations she thought could help me. One contacted me for an appointment and then gave me a room to stay in the same day.

“I had tears of joy that I was no longer going to be on the street. It was such a relief.

“Kate took her time and patience to help me. She kept calling to check on me and I always felt comfortable talking to her.  I now have a job as a security guard and I can really get back on my feet. But if it wasn’t for Kate – and HAB – I don’t know where I would be.”

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