If you check out HAB’s Facebook page, take part in a fundraiser or use one of their information packs, do you ever wonder who is behind what you’re reading or doing? 

It’s almost certainly some of HAB’s hidden army of volunteers like Rosemarie Mansi and Richard Osorio.

Rosemarie fits in her volunteer work around her job as an operations director at an accountancy practice. As a member of the fundraising committee she helps come up with ideas for events, co‑ordinates the event promotion and manages the social media communication with HAB followers. 

She says: “I’d wanted to volunteer for years but most charities want you to commit to certain days or times on a regular basis.  HAB offered the flexibility to do as much or as little as I have time for. 

“And I liked what HAB was about. It’s not just about giving money or accommodation. It’s about giving people the services and the support they need to get back on their feet. 

“I was lucky to be born into a life in which I never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from or where I would sleep. For me, volunteering for HAB is about giving back.” 

Graphic designer Richard has been volunteering since 2018. At the time he was looking for a way to use his skills in a more satisfying way. He says: “I was feeling a bit jaded and wanted to do something more worthwhile than just working for high-end clients, promoting luxury brands.

“I searched for local charities and when I saw that HAB was down the road from me, it seemed right. HAB was about to celebrate their 20th anniversary and so I redesigned their promotional material, giving it a look and feel that was more appropriate for the important work they do. Since then I’ve designed the graphics for all of our campaigns and events that go on our webpages, in our social media posts and emails. 

“It’s a nice feeling doing something useful for an organisation like HAB. I really enjoy being able to help with their campaigns knowing that they are doing something important for the community.” 

Who we are

John and Joe would like to thank Rose Delfino, who recently resigned from the board of trustees, for her commitment to the role. 

The board now consists of:

  • John Bier, Chair
  • Marian Cohen
  • Clare King
  • Stuart Slater
  • Jane Myers
  • Anna McCaughley
  • Sameer Pabari
  • Yeong-Min Choy
  • Roque Collante
  • Josh Tapper

These are the HAB staff:

  • Joe Lee - CEO
  • Olamide Adetunje – Centre Co-ordinator
  • Sonya Levin – Projects Co-ordinator
  • Anne O’Sullivan – Support Officer
  • Kate Jack – Support Officer
  • Freddy Macha  – Support Officer
  • Marc Gadou – Support Officer
  • Nedene Dixon – Support Officer
  • Lyn Fisher – Support Officer
  • Julie O’Sullivan – Kitchen Supervisor
  • Joe Ramsell – Kitchen Assistant
  • Katherine Delane – Administrator
  • Noushin Kalati –Administrator