Donations are always welcome, and we work very hard to make sure these go directly to people who are homeless or loving vulnerably.  You can apply to volunteer your time, or talk to us if you have a skill that might be useful like counselling, cv writing, interview preparation in case you could use that skill in the centre. 

In winter, we always need sleeping bags, blankets, good quality warm and outdoor wear. We also make up kits for people who get housed but in empty flats - these kits might include cleaning products, toiletries, kitchen and cooking essentials so donations of these is useful. Towels, bedding, new socks and underwear are also essentials we always need. 

We always have a wish list of food items too to help us deliver breakfast and lunch 5 times a week. 

Outside our centre, a smile or kind word to someone you suspect may be sleeping rough is almost always appreciated. Compassion and kindness can go a long way.