You might see new TAP points cropping up around London to help you donate money quickly to end homelessnes.

100% of TAP London donations will be split equally between the 29 charities within the London Homeless Collective, including Homeless Action in Barnet. Every penny will be spent on providing essential services here in London, helping rough sleepers to cope with the day-to-day but also to forge a path away from life on the streets.

Each of the participating charities has nominated a project that will benefit from your support. These cover a broad range of services, such as providing safe rooms and support to young people, long-term support to someone with mental health issues, emergency severe weather shelters for people with nowhere else to turn in sub-zero temperatures, or skills training to help someone homeless back into work.

£3 alone doesn’t go that far. Neither can one single service. If we work together, collecting our funds and spreading our impact - we can create lasting meaningful change.